Modular system stands are the optimal starting point for sustainable trade fair construction. We understand this to be reusable long-lasting materials, designed for multiple use, combined with short transportation routes, regional organisation and corporate social responsibility.

That's why we offer you our adaptable system packages for rent.
The reusable material is mainly stored on the Frankfurt fair ground, resulting in short transportation distances. As we are permanently based on the Frankfurt fair ground, our employees and craftsmen of all trades are right on site. This enables us to set up and dismantle your stand in a way that conserves resources.

Furthermore we also offer designing and building your custom-built trade fair stand suitable for a use over several years and storage in our warehouses.

If it is not (or no longer) possible to reuse materials, we trust our easily recyclable materials can be optimally reused through our resource management system.

Further information on the specific fields of action can be found here.